Sunday, July 12, 2015

Great Clips Helps You Save #MoreMinutes During Back to School

My little man will be starting kindergarten this upcoming school year! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. Just yesterday he was my teeny tiny little baby and now he is a big boy going to a big kid SCHOOL! To my surprise, school starts mid August! Seems so early! I feel like when I was his age, school didn't start until September! During the summer months, his schedule is packed with various lego camps, swim lessons, theater classes and much more. There were some days where I feel like I might have over scheduled him, not leaving much time to just "breathe" and relax. With so many activities going on, whenever there is an option to save some time, I jump on the opportunity.

Great Clips' new online check in system is awesome. The last time my husband went to get his haircut (during the work day)(at a different salon), he was complaining about how he had to sit there and wait for 40 minutes before it was his turn (this was during his lunch break). He told me he wished he knew about this sooner, because he would have totally gone to Great Clips instead. With weekends being so busy, when hubby needs a haircut, he can simply add his name to the wait list, pop in for a haircut and make it back to work without having to miss a minute of weekend family time!

As if saving time wasn't enough, it gets even better! Haircuts for men AND women are just $15. Kids are $13 and on Tuesdays, Kids and Seniors are just $9.99 (I don't know if this is true for all Great Clips or the one in our area, but it is worth a shot and calling ahead to find out).

It was super easy to check in! We simply went to their website (or you can download their app too!). Entered our name and phone number and BAM, we were on their waiting list. When we got to salon, they had a monitor with a list of names...we were 2nd on the list. Not even 5 minutes later, my husband was up! The process was fast, easy and smooth. I'm pretty sure this is the ONLY way he will be getting his haircut from now on!

With all time we saved, we went to go see the new Minions movie!

Now it's your turn!  
You can join in the #MoreMinutes campaign too. All you need to do is find a Great Clips near you, take a selfie and post it on Twitter or Instagram. Don't forget to use the #MoreMinutes hashtag and share what you would do with a few extra minutes!

Tell me, what would you do with a few more minutes?!?

Here is a cute video of what kids came up with of what they would do with a few #MoreMinutes!


  1. I just love how helpful the new app is!

    1. Me too! So awesome and easy! It's the only way to go :)