Friday, February 20, 2015

Good Day, Bad Day, Good Night

Today was one of those days. We've definitely had better days and definitely had worse days too. Thinking about it, it actually wasn't really a bad day at all. It was quite a good day to be honest. But dinner just killed me.  My little man (he is 5) has been sick for about 3 days now. He is starting to get better, but he woke up at 6 this morning and refused to take a nap. By 4pm he was falling asleep sitting on the couch. I wanted to get both kiddos INTO bed no later than 8.  That means dinner at 6 and bath at 7.  Well, little man wasn't eating. He  was just sitting there. Meanwhile his baby sister (10 months old) was nicely eating. I commented how nicely little sister was eating and how little man wasn't doing a very good job eating today. He starts BAWLING - barely able to get the words out - about to throw up - crying so hard - saying that I think his sister is a good girl and he is a bad boy. So then *I* start crying because it hurts me so much to think that he thinks that I think he is a bad boy. All I wanted him to do was eat his dinner quickly, so we could go take a bath and get to bed because he has been sick and was tired from waking up early. With big hugs and lots of kisses, he calmed down and we were able to talk it out and he is fine now. (Turns out that since he is sick, the food doesn't taste good right now, so he didn't want his food. But instead of telling me he didn't like the way it taste or that he wanted something else, he just sat there and refused to eat). It just makes me so sad that he would think - even for a second - that I thought he was a bad boy. Both my kiddos are my love bugs and I love them so much and I am so very proud of both of them. Both are so amazingly smart and wonderful and loving. I am so thankful to have them. And my little guy loves his little sister so much. It just blows my mind what a wonderful, caring and huge heart he has. She loves him too. The second she sees him, her face lights up and she starts smiling and giggling. They are the best kiddos anyone could ask for.  <3 Everyone is now snug in bed and fast asleep.

OK. I was JUST talking to my husband about how I put the food in the "fridge" because I saw 1 ant on the microwave. He looks at me and says, "You meant fridge, right?" I look at him and said "Yes, why, what did I say?" And he says "You said closet - that you put the food in the closet because you saw an ant on the microwave".  I think it's time I go to bed.

Good Day. Bad Day. Ok Day. Good Night Day.

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