Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Newest Creation - Personalized EPIC T-Shirt

My son asked me if I could make him a t-shirt that said "epic" on it. I, of course, was more than excited to take on that project. I designed and created the file in photoshop and imported it into design space.

Holy Moly! I thought I was doing such a great job. I printed my first round and forgot to reverse the image. Awesome. So, I go back and reverse it and print again. Woo Hoo. It cuts and "looks" great. So after weeding, I check it against the shirt that I got for my son and it is WAY.TOO.BIG. The image goes onto the sleeves, so I had to cut down the sides a bit - no prob. Right? Iron it on -- it's big...but oh well. I keep staring at it because something is just not sitting right with me. After going back to my original image, I realize that the dot above the "i" is not there. I thought maybe that's  how the font was, but when going back to my computer, there definitely is supposed to be a dot and it looks way better with it. I then realize that I never made that part transparent - Awesome. Went back into photoshop, fixed it and back to design space. I also made the image as a whole smaller so that it would look better on the shirt. I check...there was a dot above the "I". Check, Check, triple check. ABOUT to go print when I realized that AGAIN I didn't reverse the image. This time though, I caught it in time, so....3rd times a charm!

Oh the adventures of HTV. Here are the final results! My guy LOVES the shirt. I'm also taking orders! The word doesn't have to be "epic", it can be any word of your choice! The best way to contact me is via email: or through my etsy account here.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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