Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UPDATE: Free Movie Screenings for “Here Comes the Boom”, “Hotel Transylvannia” and More! HURRY!

Ok guys, you will want to hurry on this one!  Depending on where you live, Gofobo has a bunch of Open Movie Screenings.  That means, that you don’t need a special invite or access code to reserve your spot for the Free Movie!
  • Just head over to Gofobo and click on the Screenings Tab at the top of their website.
  • On the left hand side, enter in your zipcode and click search.
  • Depending on where you live, a bunch of Free Movie Screenings will pop up.  For me, “Here Comes the Boom”, “Hotel Transylvannia” and a few others popped up.
  • Just RSVP for the movie you want to see!
If you get a Free Movie Pass, I would still recommend showing up early for your showing.  They will usually oversell the passes to make sure that the theater is full for the screening.
*** Not everyone will have access to the Open Screenings.  Your showings might say “Private”.  So cross your fingers and see if there is anything for your area right now.

*********UPDATE: Once I filled out my personal info, I was sent an invite to watch: Here comes the Boom with Kevin James. It's showing today at 7pm. WOOT I'm so excited!!!!

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