Wednesday, November 14, 2012

G Collection from GOLDTOE

OMG!!! How excited am I!?!?! No seriously. How.Excited.Am.I?!?! Uhmmm I would have to say SUPER BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!! BzzAgent picked one of the lucky ones to get to review the BRAND NEW G Collection from Gold Toe!!!

When I was pulling into the driveway today, I saw that special BzzAgent box waiting for my by the front door. I KNEW it was my GoldToe collection. I leaped out of my car and ran for the box and ripped open the package.  In my package I received:
*6...yes thats right 6 super duper cute pairs of GoldToe socks
*A 3 pack of white undershirts
*and a HUGE pile of coupons for me to use and give out to friends, neighbors and anyone I meet along the way!

SERIOUSLY! Could not believe how soft they are. You are probably thinking to yourself, what? Socks are socks. But no. Really. I'm not joking. They feel SO. SOFT. I totally want to be in them all day! Not only that, but they are really cute and come in such cute patterns! Huge score! And an even better score? Got a whole bunch of coupons for $5 off of $25 purchase of Goldtoe products at Kohl's. This includes: Socks AND Underwear (including t-shirt and undies!) Guess where I'm headed as soon as I get a chance (this weekend). Uhm. Kohl's of course! But seriously. These socks are better than I could have imagined. I really like them. Goldtoe already has a great reputation. These socks meet and exceed my expectations. Very happy with them!

The undershirt was AMAZE-balls too! Like the socks, they were SUPER SOFT!!! 100% cotton (the best!!!). Made in Honduras.  The fit is great too! 
As if I wasn't already OBSESSED with the Goldtoe Brand, now I'm definitely addicted and will absolutely spread and share the word!

Thanks BzzAgent and Goldtoe for giving me the opportunity to try out your product and get to review it!

From BzzAgent's Website:
Style conscious, comfort obsessed
Step up the style and the comfort in your sock drawer with the new G® Collection from Gold Toe. The contemporary line (which is conveniently sold at Kohl's®) combines fashion and quality with Gold Toe's famous construction standards — guaranteeing every style will exceed expectations. All of the G® Collection socks, tops and underwear offer clean designs and exquisite comfort, for modern styling at a surprisingly affordable price. Because the first things you put on in the morning should be the last things to make you feel uncomfortable.

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