Thursday, April 23, 2015

{REVIEW} Simply Personalized - Child's Personalized Book!


Simply Personalized was kind enough to let me review one of their personalized books.  Since my son's birthday was coming up and he is starting to read, I chose "My Name is...".  It was the perfect book for him!
The book is a wonderfully delightful story about how the child's name was chosen.  Each page features a different letter in the child's name (as well as letters that are not in their name). The corresponding page has a fun illustration of something that relates to that letter.  For example, the page that talks about "A" has an "Apple Tree".
This book was designed alongside with education professionals!  A unique thing about this book, is that on the bottom of each page, there is space for the child to practice writing the upper case and lower case alphabet of whatever letter is highlighted on that page.
Our book arrived just a few days before my son's 5th birthday -- which was perfect timing! I was so excited to be able to give him this book as one of his gifts.  Being a boy, of course he received lots of toys, legos, games and such, but I have to say, this book is one that really stood out for him (and myself). He was so excited to see a book with his name in it. It was so cute to see his eyes widen and mouth drop in awe - a book....with HIS name on it. Of course, we had to read it immediately. And as soon as we were it again....and again. The excitement of his new birthday toys wore out fairly quickly. However, this book has been a staple in our lives since he received it.  It is his most requested bedtime book and what he shows to anyone who comes over for a visit.
The book has bright, colorful pages that really stand out. Each letter has a corresponding page with something new and fun to look at.  Each story page that talks about a specific letter has space for the child to practice writing that letter. It is beautifully bound and something that my son will cherish for years to come.
Simply Personalized has a HUGE assortment of not only personalized children's books, but they also offer stationary, engraved and monogramed glassware, wall art, clothing and accessories and so much more. Their site is easy to navigate. If you're not sure what to get, you can sort by the person you are looking to purchase a gift for, the occasion, theme or type! If you sign up for their newsletter (link located at bottom of their page), you will get 10% off on your next purchase too!

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I received a free personalized book from Simply Personalized in exchange for writing a review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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