Thursday, December 20, 2012

G Collection from GoldToe Product Review

Have I mentioned yet that BzzAgent picked me (yes me!) to review GoldToe socks and undershirts. I was totally over the moon because my husband LOVES their brand anndddd pretty much sock he has, is a GOLDTOE!!! To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure who was more excited (me or hubs)! So let me just tell you, hubs TOTALLY loves the socks. Even after a countless number of washes, they still look brand new and are still just as soft as when they first arrived. We are both super impressed with not only the quality, but the the style/design of the socks. I used the undershirts to sleep in (SO SOFT) and hubs used it to work out. These too, have held up incredibly well. I was aware of the brand as far as socks, but didn't know that they made undies as well as undershirts for men. The coupons that came with the BzzAgent package were great! I was able to give them out at work, my hubby at his work and we took them to the Kohl's with us when we went shopping there. I left a few coupons near the GoldToe socks, undershirts and undies. We also handed them out to people at Kohl's who I saw had the GoldToe products in their baskets. It was so much fun to see their faces light up!

Thanks, BzzAgent and GoldToe for giving me the opportunity to review your product!

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