Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day Gifts and Art & Crafts - Video Along With List of Materials Needed

I have been into painting with acrylics. In particular doing what is called a "dirty pour" which basically means you put all of the paint colors in one cup and then flip the said cup onto the canvas. While researching how to do this, I also found artists using left over dried paint into beautiful jewelry.

Here is a video for it:

Items needed to make the particular necklace I would like to make include the following:

Art Resin

Alumilite White Dye

Martha Stewart Fine Glitter

Open Bezel Tear Drop

Diamond Glaze

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Family Of The Week Art Project

In my daughter's pre-school, each child has a "week". During that week, the child presents a poster filled with pictures of their family, their likes and any other thing about them. Families are also invited in during group time to read the child's favorite story, do art projects, etc.

For my daughter's week, my plan is to buy these cute tote bags and have the kids decorate them to their liking. Hopefully they will be able to use the bag later to store their toys, play pretend, or use it for shopping!

I thought it would also be fun to decorate I'm having a tough time trying to decide which project to ultimately do, but I'm going to buy these bags.

I have a Cricut and love making t-shirts with Siser Easy weed HTV

Edit: After researching some more, I decided to do something like this:

I purchased a pack of canvases from Amazon (I got a pack of 24 for $20 - less than $1 a piece!). Once they arrive, I'll use thin blue painters tape to write out the names. In class, the kids will get to paint all over the canvas. Once it is dried, I'll pull of the painters tape and the result will be a super cute personalized canvas with their names on it!

This mommy blog explains perfectly what I plan on doing.

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