Friday, July 7, 2017


Marvel fans, assemble for this live, action-packed battle to defend the universe from evil. This all new show unites Spider-Man, the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange in a race against time to recover the Wand of Watoomb before Loki gains control. This ancient artifact would allow Loki to achieve his eternal quest to crown himself ruler of the universe. Witness the cutting-edge special effects and immersive video projection in this legendary, live adventure.

Age of Heroes is sure to be fun filled family fun, keeping all ages entertained! My family and I have been to similar shows in the past and have never been disappointed.  If you have the opportunity to take your kiddos, I would highly recommend it. 

Depending on which location is more convenient for you, you will be able to catch a performance at Oracle Arena or the SAP Center in San Jose. Below you can find the date information:

Oracle Arena
August 11-13, 2017

SAP Center at San Jose
August 17-20, 2017

To purchase tickets, visit Ticketmaster and use the code MOM to save 25% off tickets to any performance.  (Please note: Savings not valid on Front Row, VIP or other premium seats. No double discounts. Service charges, handling and facility fees may apply).

And now for the fun part!!! I have been given 4 tickets to giveaway to either the Oracle Arena or SAP Center. The winner will be able to choose from EITHER August 11, 7pm show at Oracle Arena OR August 17, 7pm show at SAP Center. Good luck!!!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Friday - Busy Week - My First Sale - Loving my #Cricut

Happy Friday Everyone!

Some weeks seem to go by so quickly and others it seems like forever trying to make it to the end of the week. This week was the latter. All week felt like a race to the Friday finish line, except the race was in slow motion.  It is Friday night and I am beat, exhausted, done. I want to close my eyes and not leave the bed all weekend -- BUT.....that can't happen. This weekend, as it seems is going to be an action packed "fun" filled weekend.  All of the actives we are part of seem to be winding down. My son has his last baseball game of the season Saturday morning. Afterwards, the team will have a mini party and picnic.  We'll then rush home for nap time for my daughter, after which, we will attend a gymnastics showcase my son will be taking part in.  Sunday morning, will be my son's last Cub Scout meeting for this school year. They'll be celebrating by having a picnic in the park. Similar to Saturday, we'll rush home for nap time for my daughter and this time it will be my daughter's gymnastics showcase in the afternoon.  Just thinking about the weekend tires me. I'm sure compared to others, our weekend doesn't look so bad. And probably, if we would have had an easy week, it would seem exciting. But, it's just been a busy week and a busy weekend. 

My creative outlet and makes me happy is designing things in photoshop and making things on the Cricut.  I am very excited that I got my first order for a pregnancy announcement onesie! I completed the order today and will be shipping it this weekend.  I'm rather new to Instagram, but I set one up and have posted pictures of items I've made.  If anyone has any tips about Instagram, I would love to hear any advice you may have.

My daughter has been hounding me to make her a Minnie Mouse t-shirt. I bought the t-shirt to use for the project 2 weeks ago, but never got around to make it. Today, she was literally hopping around me non-stop asking me to make the shirt, so I finally was able to complete it for her. She was BEYOND thrilled. It turned out very well, if I do say so myself! The shirt is from Target - Cat and Jack brand. For the design, it's a Minnie Mouse head silhouette that I did in gold HTV. My bestie brought me sheets of various colors of glitter HTV which made me BEYOND excited. I thought my daughter would pick the pink glitter one, but she was stuck on the gold. And I have to say, it was a fantastic choice. The shirt looks great. Originally, I was going to have her name go on the side of Minnie, but then decide not to add it on to the shirt at all. When I gave her the shirt, she asked "where's the rest of it?". I asked if she wanted her name on the shirt as well and she responded, "yes".  When asked where she wanted it located, she pointed under that is where it went! She my mini fashion designer.  :)

Any hoo...that's about it for now. I need to go and get some rest.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope to be posting new projects soon!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Newest Creation - Personalized EPIC T-Shirt

My son asked me if I could make him a t-shirt that said "epic" on it. I, of course, was more than excited to take on that project. I designed and created the file in photoshop and imported it into design space.

Holy Moly! I thought I was doing such a great job. I printed my first round and forgot to reverse the image. Awesome. So, I go back and reverse it and print again. Woo Hoo. It cuts and "looks" great. So after weeding, I check it against the shirt that I got for my son and it is WAY.TOO.BIG. The image goes onto the sleeves, so I had to cut down the sides a bit - no prob. Right? Iron it on -- it's big...but oh well. I keep staring at it because something is just not sitting right with me. After going back to my original image, I realize that the dot above the "i" is not there. I thought maybe that's  how the font was, but when going back to my computer, there definitely is supposed to be a dot and it looks way better with it. I then realize that I never made that part transparent - Awesome. Went back into photoshop, fixed it and back to design space. I also made the image as a whole smaller so that it would look better on the shirt. I check...there was a dot above the "I". Check, Check, triple check. ABOUT to go print when I realized that AGAIN I didn't reverse the image. This time though, I caught it in time, so....3rd times a charm!

Oh the adventures of HTV. Here are the final results! My guy LOVES the shirt. I'm also taking orders! The word doesn't have to be "epic", it can be any word of your choice! The best way to contact me is via email: or through my etsy account here.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Personalized Custom Heart Tee with Your Name #cricut #etsy

I created this cute image with my daughter's name as part of the heart and created this T-shirt that I am totally in love with!  

It turned out so well, that I put it up on my etsy account. I can make these on onesies for babies too- wouldn't that be such a super darling idea? My friend is due in July and as soon as they pick the name of their baby, I'll be making one for them as well.  

My daughter is modeling the one I made for her below!

If you are interested, I would love to make you one! Let me know what size tee or tank you are looking for and what color!

Thanks for visiting! :)

FREE Any Size Coffee at Peet's 5/12/17 1-3pm

Peet’s Coffee: FREE Coffee or Tea ANY Size (May 12, 1-3PM)
Live near a Peet’s Coffee? This Friday (May 12th), you can head over there to get yourself a FREE Cup of Coffee or Tea (ANY size) between 1-3PM to celebrate summer being right around the corner! No coupon needed. Limit one per customer. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TODAY!!! May 9 - FREE Ice Cream at Häagen-Dazs

Today, May 9th only, participating Häagen-Dazs shops will be offering up a FREE kiddie size ice cream scoop in a cup, sugar cone or cake cone from 4PM to 8PM – no coupon needed! As always, you may want to call your local Häagen-Dazs shop to verify that they are participating before heading over there.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Personalized Pregnancy Announcement Onesies / Gender Reveal Onesies / Worth The Wait

My good friend is pregnant and due in July! While searching the internet for cute clothes for baby girls, I came across some super adorable pregnancy announcement onesies. I created one for them and really love how it turned out.  I am now in the process of designing more onesies.  If you are interested, I am happy to take orders. Asking $12 for onesies and $16 for t-shirts (material and time). 

The text and design is totally customizable and tailored to your needs!

I use Carter's 100% cotton, size 3 month onesies.

Please feel free to email me at

Another design I'm working on

And another design! Name can be added to bottom

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Newest Cricut Creation!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I made this *awesome* tote for my son's 1st grade teacher.

It was NOT easy to weed and it was my first *real* weeding experience. I thought I ruined the whole thing a few times throughout the process, but luckily, everything turned out great. I am BEYOND excited and happy about the finished product. This was my very first time using HTV. I ordered a small roll of Siser Easyweed HTV a week ago via Amazon. My initial mistake was that when cutting, I forgot to reverse the image...after I caught the mistake and re-started my printing...was smooth sailing from there (minus the weeding...that was a little bit of an adventure). All in all, I have to say, I am THRILLED.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

50% off Peets Coffee starting TODAY 5/4!

Have a Peet’s Coffee nearby?! ☕️
Head on over here to print a coupon good for 50% off ANY Handcrafted Beverage – valid starting tomorrow, May 4th through May 7th (excludes airport, supermarket, and other licensed locations) – not valid on bottled beverages. Just print this coupon or show it on your mobile device to redeem this offer.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Newest Creation #Cricut

Hi, All!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been diligently working on something special. My good friend is getting married in August and I wanted to create something beautiful and unique that is personal to them. Aaaaannnndddddd here is the result... Ta da! :)

my artistic black and white shot

Initially, I started the project in photoshop. Using the software, I composed the image of the bride & groom, tree and grass. From there, I imported the image in design space and created the text with their names and their wedding date.  After framing it and seeing the finished product, I thought of the idea of adding "Happily Ever After" on the bottom....and so I did! :) I am quite happy with how the finished product turned out. This is only my 2nd "real" project and definitely more complicated than my first one.  The more I use my Cricut, the more I am loving it. So excited for future projects!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 28, 2017

My New Obsession - The Cricut Explore Air 2

A few months ago, I ran into one of my besties from college. She is talented in all things crafty. I’ve always been so inspired by her creativity. She is super talented and there is nothing that she can’t sew or craft! (She taught herself to sew and there is literally nothing she can't make now!) During one of our get togethers we were chatting about crafting and the Cricut was brought up. Before this, I had vaguely heard about it, but didn’t really know much about the machine. Once she told me everything it can do, I became obsessed. I had to have one! I started researching the different models and for my10 year wedding anniversary, I decided to gift myself the Cricut Explore Air 2! To say that I am in love and obsessed with it, would be an understatement!

I've had the machine for about 2 weeks now.  In my short time, I’ve made a few cards, magnets, t-shirts, but what I’m most proud of is a teacher appreciation gift that I crafted. It is a tree with each of the students’ names on a leaf. It came out looking so cute! I am very excited to give it to the teacher as a class gift next week! If you are interested in me making one for you, please reach out to me and I would be happy to work something out with you!

Later this summer, a good friend of mine is getting married. While searching for a gift, I came across some artwork that really inspired me. I created, using photoshop, a silhouette of a bride and groom with their names on top as well as the date of their wedding (on the bottom). I did a test run today and it turned out fantastic!  Click here to see my newest project!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Disney On Ice - Worlds Of Enchantment Is In Town NOW

We went to see Disney On Ice - Worlds of Enchantment yesterday and it was a FABULOUS show. If your family has the chance, I definitely think it's worth checking out. The kids LOVED every minute of it.  Watching your favorite stars from The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Cars and Frozen will captivate all ages. My almost 3 year old daughter's favorite part (when I asked her) was Frozen. My son (who is almost 7) loved the Toy Story part the most! He was disappointed that the cars segment was so short. He wanted it to be longer! :)  Below are some pictures I took from the event.

Show Dates:

San Jose - SAP Center
February 22-26 2017

Oakland - Oracle Arena
March 1-5 2017

Grab your tickets now! As an added bonus, use the promo code "MOM" to save 25% on your tickets.  Please note Savings not valid on VIP or Rinkside seats. No double discounts. Service charges, handling and facility fees may apply.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Disney On Ice - Worlds Of Enchantment Is Coming To The Bay Area!

It's my favorite time of year! Disney on Ice is heading our way again! My kiddos LOVE Disney On Ice. It has been a family event that we do every time they are in the area. We first started going with my son and once my daughter was born, we went with her too. My daughter was just a few months old for her very first show. I wasn't sure how she would do, being that she was so young, but she was enchanted from beginning to end!  We've gone a couple of times since, and she (as well as my son) continue to be engaged from start to finish. The last Disney on Ice show we went to, my daughter told us the very next day that she wanted to go back and see the show again. It is so fun for the kiddos to see their Disney heroes in real life! If you have the chance to go, I highly recommend it!

Enter the dazzling world of Disney magic, live on ice! Rev up for non-stop fun with four of your favorite Disney stories at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment. Be amazed as Lightning McQueen, Mater and the crew of Disney/Pixar’s Cars perform high-speed stunts and race across the ice like you’ve never seen before! Dive into adventure with Ariel and The Little Mermaid’s undersea kingdom. The toys are back in town! Watch Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and the Toy Story gang as they try and escape from the rambunctious tots of Sunnyside Daycare, in their most daring adventure ever! Plus, enter the wintery world of Arendelle with sisters Anna and Elsa and pals Olaf and Kristoff from Disney’s Frozen, as they learn the meaning of true love. From wheels to waves, icy wonderlands to infinity and beyond, your family’s favorite Disney moments come to life at Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment.

Show Dates:

San Jose - SAP Center
February 22-26 2017

Oakland - Oracle Arena
March 1-5 2017

Grab your tickets now! As an added bonus, use the promo code "MOM" to save 25% on your tickets.  Please note Savings not valid on VIP or Rinkside seats. No double discounts. Service charges, handling and facility fees may apply.

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