Friday, April 28, 2017

My New Obsession - The Cricut Explore Air 2

A few months ago, I ran into one of my besties from college. She is talented in all things crafty. I’ve always been so inspired by her creativity. She is super talented and there is nothing that she can’t sew or craft! (She taught herself to sew and there is literally nothing she can't make now!) During one of our get togethers we were chatting about crafting and the Cricut was brought up. Before this, I had vaguely heard about it, but didn’t really know much about the machine. Once she told me everything it can do, I became obsessed. I had to have one! I started researching the different models and for my10 year wedding anniversary, I decided to gift myself the Cricut Explore Air 2! To say that I am in love and obsessed with it, would be an understatement!

I've had the machine for about 2 weeks now.  In my short time, I’ve made a few cards, magnets, t-shirts, but what I’m most proud of is a teacher appreciation gift that I crafted. It is a tree with each of the students’ names on a leaf. It came out looking so cute! I am very excited to give it to the teacher as a class gift next week! If you are interested in me making one for you, please reach out to me and I would be happy to work something out with you!

Later this summer, a good friend of mine is getting married. While searching for a gift, I came across some artwork that really inspired me. I created, using photoshop, a silhouette of a bride and groom with their names on top as well as the date of their wedding (on the bottom). I did a test run today and it turned out fantastic!  Click here to see my newest project!

Thanks for reading!