Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sid The Science Kid - Sid Wings It DVD Review

Hey Sid, What do you say! What do you want to learn today? 

Sid The Science Kid is an animated TV series about an energetic little boy and his friends who go on a quest to find out how things work, why things happen certain ways and why they work the way they do. Each day, they go on a fun filled adventures of finding answers to new questions. The kids are excited to do mini scientific studies to learn and understand that episodes topic.

This television series promotes preschoolers' curiosity about the world around them and encourages finding out the answers through hands on experimentation and exploration. 

In the DVD "Sid Wings It", Sid is playing in his backyard playing with his homemade cardboard wings pretending to fly just like a birdie that he had been watching in the morning before school.  When he gets to school, Teacher Susie tells the class that they will be visiting the Science Center which has an exhibit about flight.  All of the kids are super excited to go. At the Science Center they learn about various flying contraptions, gliders and planes. There is a live action scene where we see footage of real kids checking out real flying machines at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. 

In the next episode Sid and his friends learn about computers. Sid is giggling as he watches his parents run to check the computer every time they hear it "ding". While talking to Sid in the morning about computers, his mom volunteers to show Sid's class how computers work. Teacher Susie then shows the class how scientists use computers as a science tool.  The kids make discoveries with their magnifying glasses and then enter what they found into the computer and send it to their parents...just like real scientists use the computer to share what they've discovered with other scientists.

The following episode finds Sid on the computer looking at a funny picture showing the moon is made out of green glowing cheese.  Sid takes this picture to school and shares it with his friends.  They are all equally fascinated with this new found information.  Teacher Susie steps in and explains that not everything they find on the computer is true. Gabriela's Mom (who is a marine biologist), visits the kids and explains that she not only uses the computer to do research, but also reads books from the library, watches and observes and asks experts to make sure she gets good information. The children then get their own project to investigate all of the living things they can find around their own school.

My 3 year old son was enthralled with this DVD. He sat and watched the whole DVD without making a peep. In fact, when it was over, he came up to me and asked to watch it again.  I love the quality and content of the DVD. Teaching kids how and why things work the way they do. Sid and his friends make it entertaining with songs, but also educational. 

Highly recommended!!!

I received this video free from NCircle to review. All thoughts and comments are strictly my own.

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