Sunday, June 10, 2012

Safeway: $10 in FREE Groceries w/ $50 Gift Card Purchase

Safeway has a new gift card promo running, when you purchase $50 worth of participating gift cards you’ll earn a $10 credit on your next transaction.  The $10 is automatically applied to your Safeway club card and is ready to use right away.  I tested this tonight and bought a Lowe’s gift card, I paid in separate transaction for the gift card.  When I paid for my groceries the $10 came off automatically!
Participating gift cards include…
Jiffy Lube, Staples, Game Stop, Lowes, JCPenney’s, Nike, Regal, and more!
This offer is valid through 6/19/12 and you can only earn one $10 credit per transaction, so even if you buy $200 in gift cards you’ll only get one $10 credit.  HOWEVER, if you purchase each $50 in a separate transaction, you will get the $10 for each card.  However, when it comes to redeeming them, only $10 will come off.  For example, say you purchase 4 $50 lowes gift cards AS SEPARATE will have $40 in credit on your club card. However, when you make your food purchase, only $10 comes off each transaction (not the whole $40...) so you would need to do 4 separate food transactions to be able to use about the $40 credit...but hey! It's worth it! 

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