Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Barista Prima Party!

When I got picked for the Barista Prima Houseparty I was so excited! I called my friends and family and immediately told them to clear their schedules because we were having a COFFEE PARTY!!! They too, were super excited. As the party came closer and closer, I started entertaining the idea of getting a BRAND NEW Keurig Machine in honor of the house party.  A week before the party, I broke down and totally bought a brand new machine. Oh...how I love her so! :) I don't know if my old one was offended that it was getting the heave ho...but I donated it and I'm sure another loving family will put it to good use:

(The Old One)

(Our Brand New Keurig we bought in honor of the Barista Prima Party!)

When my package arrived I COULD.NOT.BELIEVE. all of the coffee pods that came with the party pack.  My guests LOVED the sampler boxes that they got to take home as party gift (I'm pretty sure some of them even snuck out two of them...).  We had a very lively, caffeinated time! Everyone was super chatty and...ENERGETIC!!!  I made the biscotti and had melted chocolate that people could dip theirs in if they wanted as well as a few toppings like mini chocolate chips, sprinkles and coconut shavings.

We played a few rounds of coffee bingo, all the while experimenting with making mochas and egg nog mochas and caramel mochas.  I'm pretty sure, by the end of the party, we were coffee making experts and could probably open up our own coffee shop! :)

Thank you so much Barista Prima for selecting me in this campaign and for letting me share this wonderful experience with my friends!

(Even the pup wanted in on the action!)

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