Friday, February 22, 2013

Guest Post: Origami Owl

My name is Julia Vawdrey, I am an independent designer with Origami Owl. We are a newer company that sells beautiful, unique lockets and necklaces. Our company was founded by a 14 year old girl named Bella who was saving up for a car. She started off as a little kiosk in a mall. Now Origami Owl does all of its sales through designers by hosting jewelry bars at home parties, online parties, and through designer websites! Her dream of just earning a little money for a car has gone further than she could have imagined!

I decided to become a designer with Origami Owl so I could still stay home with my 9 month old little boy. I wanted a company that I could choose my own hours and that really fit the stay at home mom lifestyle. I was having a hard time finding a company that was not over saturated in my area, since Utah has so many stay at home moms that do direct sales. When I found Origami Owl I fell in love! They are so unique and have such beautiful meaning behind them. I signed up immediately and have falled more in love since!

I am still currently growing my business and that is why I have decided to extend this offer to Smart Savvy Mama. Anyone who likes my Facebook page, registers on my site, and comments on my Facebook to let me know Smart Savvy Mama sent you will get 10% off their Origami Owl order! Please email me to order and redeem the 10% off!

Thank you for your support! <3

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