Sunday, August 11, 2013

FSTG - Food Should Taste Good Chips Review

Food Should Taste Good Chips was kind enough to send me a few bags of their DELISH chips to try out. As you can see, my hubby got into the chips before I even had a chance to realize what was happening!!! In case it's not super obvious, he was totally digging the chips and having fun taking pictures with them too! 

Before this experience, we had never tried this brand before, though I had seen them on the shelves while grocery shopping. I was always intrigued and so happy to be given the opportunity to taste test them :)

This chips are hands down delicious. I am not the biggest chip fan, but let me tell you, FSTG chips have totally converted me. Not only that, but now I'm a chip snob. If its not FSTG, I'm really not interested. I've tried other chips...but they are too greasy and taste too "processed" for me.  If you like guacamole, FSTG chips and guac are a match made in heaven. :)

Giving my family only the best is a huge (if not, #1 priority for me). FSTG chips are all natural and made with real, simple ingredients (The way it SHOULD be). No yucky stuff that you can't even pronounce when reading the ingredients on the bag. 

All of their chip varieties are certified Kosher and Gluten Free, low in sodium, and free of cholesterol, preservatives and trans fats. (SOOOOO many of my friends have gluten allergies. I LOVE that there is a product out there that is not only tasty, but made with honest to goodness ingredients).

They currently have boatloads of Tortilla flavors and four Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato flavors. Don't believe me? Find all of their products, company information, online store, and much more on their website.

After reading all of this, you are probably thinking to yourself..."Wow...I'd really like to know more about the history of these darn tasty chips". Well say no you go!

Working at grocery stores and cooking at home, founder and CEO Pete Lescoe learned that natural ingredients and thoughtful preparation make great tasting food – the kind of food he wanted to serve family and friends. In 2006 Lescoe began creating distinctive flavors to give consumers new choices in all natural chips. The company has grown beyond anything Lescoe anticipated, now the #1 natural tortilla chip brand in the U.S. and Canada. Based in Massachusetts, Food Should Taste Good, Inc. is a dynamic team of entrepreneurial individuals who embody values the brand is known for – simplicity, honesty and integrity. As the product offerings expand, the drive behind Food Should Taste Good remains focused on creating great tasting products that live up to both their quality standards and brand name. 

In an effort to not be too greedy, my hubby and I grabbed a few bags at the grocery store and took them in to work. I knew it was going to be a hit, but I was shocked at WHAT a huge hit it was.  My husband put them out in the break room in the morning and by noon when he went back to check on them, the place looked ransacked. Empty bags...people asking why there wasn't more and who had brought in these chips!?! Hubby thought they were on a verge of a chip riot!

At my work, people are straight savages!!! I put out Sweet Potato, Olive and JalapeƱo. I swear, word got out around the building within seconds! I literally could not believe how quickly people came. Some of them had heard and tried FSTG chips, but others never had. It was so fun to watch everyone's reaction at how good they tasted. Then, once I told them it was all natural ingredients people were straight sold on the chips. I was more than happy to inform them that they can pick up their own bag at Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, Safeway, Target and other major retailers!

As if the chips aren't enough reason to run to the store immediately. right now they have a special Let’s Summer promotion going on.  Food Should Taste Good is giving away 100 prizes every day to help fans celebrate the season. Prizes include Weber grills and accessories, portable Igloo® coolers, iTunes® codes and loads of Food Should Taste Good chips.

Interested in recipes, sweepstakes, and other fun stuff? Make sure to sign up for their newsletter. (Don’t worry; they won’t fill your inbox with junk). Also, they have plenty of fun shenanigans on their FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest pages. Go check 'em out!

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