Monday, September 29, 2014

Crafty - Halloween Wreath

I LOVE being crafty (though I feel I'm not really that good at it). For whatever reason, I got on this kick that I wanted to make a wreath. After researching for a few days...yes DAYS, I finally decided on making a Halloween Wreath. From there, I looked for hours for designs and different types of wreaths etc.  When I spotted this wreath, I knew it was the one for me! I was totally inspired. 

(This was my inspiration)

(And this is what I created)

What do you think?

I went with my son to the dollar store. I was able to find the ribbon and the broom there. Afterwards we went to Michaels and bought the 11" foam wreath form (used 40% off coupon), the witch hat (it was a headband and I took of the "headband" part. and the witchy legs were part of a door decoration (see below pic), but I cut off the "trick or treat".

I thought getting the materials would be the hard part, but boy was I wrong. I got home and was looking for my handy dandy glue stick and couldn't find it anywhere. I knew it was the in the garage, but didn't know where.  My hubby and I literally tore the garage apart and found it in THE last spot we looked. Cray.  I was just saying to hubs that I was going to go and buy a new one because I didn't want to look for it anymore, when he miraculously found it!

With glue gun in hand, I went to town. The whole process was quick, easy and painless. All in all, the total to make everything was about $17-$20. The most costly item was the witchy legs. I wish I would have taken photos along the way, but to be honest, I didn't think it would turn out as cute as it did. I surprised myself by how well it turned out. I am quite proud of myself :) And now I want to make even MORE wreaths. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter. Ahhh if only we had the space!

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