Monday, October 27, 2014

Why I love Excedrin!

Excedrin Extra Strength

I hate headaches...especially the ones that are so bad you can't eat, open your eyes or even move for that matter. I have too much going on (with 2 kiddos who wouldn't be), to be down for the count.  I have noticed that I get headaches if I'm hungry for a long time and don't eat (sometimes I just don't have the time to eat right away - gotta put the kiddos' needs first), or if there is a change in pressure (the weather goes from hot to cold suddenly or vice versa) or if I'm just plain tired and exhausted.  Whenever I feel a headache coming on, without hesitation I grab and take 2 Excedrin pills. Before I know it, I am pain free once again and ready to run after and play with the kids again!  In our family, the only brand we know, use and trust for headache pain relief is Excedrin! Give them a try and let me know what you think!

The triple ingredient formula contains acetaminophen and aspirin for enhanced pain relief and caffeine (an ingredient often found in prescription headache treatments) to aid relief!!! (Leaves you not only headache free, but with energy too!)

Prices range from $3.34 – $15.99, depending on the bottle count size and where you buy.

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I'm a BzzAgent and received a bottle of Excedrin and coupons.  #GotItFree. All opinions are my own.

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