Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{FREE} Kid's Workshops at Home Depot (2/7) and Lowes (2/14)

If you have a Home Depot and/or Lowes close by, sign up now for their free kid's workshops!

Home Depot will be on Feb 7 at 9am and Lowes will be on Feb 14 at 10am.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we were never able to attend the Lowe's Kids Clinics, but have gone to the Home Depot workshops numerous times.  Even though we registered online, we still had to fill out registration paperwork while waiting in line for our turn. Just something to keep in mind in case your location says that the event is full...you still might consider going and checking it out. They don't have a "list" where they check if you registered (at least not at our location).

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