Saturday, September 15, 2012

Savvy Deal of the Day! 2 GYMBOREE bodysuits for $3 each ($6 total)

Remember when I posted a while back about the Gymboree free bodysuit offer?  <---this offer is still valid btw).

Basically, the coupon says if you purchase anything for $10, you can get a body suit priced at $7.95 for free.

Today, my mom and I went to Gymboree, they had SUPER cute tops and pants (normally $18.95-$21.95) for $10.95!!! They are having a promo right now that all of their graphic tops are $10.95 (Which reached my coupon's minimum purchase of $10).

Looking for body suits, I couldn't find anything at was $7.95. Also, this coupon is not valid for items that are already marked down (clearance items). HOWEVER, they were having a sale on body suits too for $10.95 (regular price $15.95) (the price tag didn't show the sale price, but they are currently having a huge sale and is ringing up for $10.95). With my coupon valued at $7.95, I only had to pay the difference.

I had 2 of these coupons (one for me, one for my mom). Had 2 transactions. I purchased a pirate top for $10.95 (normally $18.95) along with the bodysuit/onesie and only paid $3 for the onesie.

My mom purchased pants for $10.95 (normally $21.95) along with a bodysuit/onesie and only paid $3 for it as well.

All together, for 2 bodysuits we paid $6!!!! That is a pretty darn good deal if I say so myself and am pretty excited about it.

Just wanted to share my awesome find.

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