Friday, January 11, 2013

FREE: Starbucks Tall Blonde Roast or Vanilla Blonde Brewed Coffee e-Gift Card! (Facebook)

Hurry over to the Starbucks Facebook page to get a e-gift card good for a free cup of Starbucks Tall Blonde Roast or Vanilla Blonde Brewed Coffee! I just did it and arrived in my e-mail within 30 minutes.  T'hey will send you an e-gift card valued at $2.60. You can use it towards anything (not just the Blonde Roast, etc). Woot Woot! Awesome deal. Hurry over now!


  1. Didn't work for me...just sent this strange card to a friend... no e-gift card for me! What did I miss?

    Sandling All Day

  2. Hmmm I don't know. For me when I clicked it, I had to allow the app to access my facebook. It then told me to enter my e-mail address and then had me send to friends. The email you will get will have the subject line: “To try Blonde roast, Starbucks sent you an eGift Card from Starbucks” . If you didn't get that, let me know. I can facebook friend you and send it to you :)