Tuesday, April 7, 2015

{Review} Pear Tree Greetings Personalized Children's Book Review

Personalized children's books are so magical! When I was a child, I had a book that was personalized with my name and I absolutely loved it.  I would read it over and over and was so in awe that there was a book...ABOUT ME! It was so fun to read my name -- in a book -- written just for me. It made me feel so special.  This is why I love children's books that are personalized with their names. It is something that is unique and so special to that child -- something that they will cherish for years to come.

I was given the opportunity to have a personalized book sent to me by Pear Tree Greetings to review. Since my daughter will be turning 1 this month, I chose the My Very Happy Birthday Book For Girls. They have 29 different personalized children's books to choose from...and let me tell you, all of the books looked so wonderful, that I really had a hard time choosing just 1. I ultimately, chose the birthday book since Ms. E's birthday is coming up this month, but there were so many others I was debating between.

My book arrived quickly -- much quicker than anticipated! I was so excited when it was delivered...but not as excited as when I opened the package and saw what an adorable book it was. It looked so professional! I was astounded not only by the wonderful quality of the cover and pages, but also the content. Seemingly every page had my daughter's name on there or some unique detail about her. The story was very sweet and cute about animals getting ready to celebrate her birthday. They talked in rhymes, making the story flow smoothly. This particular book was a board book, but Pear Tree Greetings has regular books as well.  The birthday books can be for ages 1-10 or there is the option of "any" which I'm guessing the book won't specify a specific age.

If you are in the market for getting your child a personalized book, I highly recommend checking out the selection at Pear Tree Greetings. Their books are absolutely beautiful and their quality astounding.

Pear Tree Greetings does not only personalized books, but personalized greeting cards, stationary, invitations, graduation announcements, birth announcements, kids birthday invitations, wall art and so much more. Check them out, you won't be disappointed!

I received a free personalized book from Pear Tree Greetings in exchange for writing a review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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