Monday, December 17, 2012

Venus Embrace Razor & Razor Cartridges Review

Depending on the situation, I am at times, hard pressed to try new things. I like to stick to the tried and true. If I know it works for me, I stick with it.  Razors are one of them. I am very picky and when I find one I like, I really stick to it.  And by really, I mean years.  I have been a loyal user of the Gillette SensorExcel for more years that I can possibly tell you.  They stopped selling the actual razors in store and so I started to buy them online. Luckily, I've been able to find the actual blades in some stores still (though don't really know why they wouldn't carry the razor then too?)  

Take a look at this bad boy. Yep. Totally inlove since high school.Yes. HIGH SCHOOL (Lemme tell you, it is wayyyy past high school for me).

After not shaving for a few days (oops, yikes and eww), I was in desperate need of shaving. I thought to myself, what better time than now to try out the razor (and blades) I received in my VoxBox from Influenster! I opened the package and got in the shower. In order to do an accurate review, I shaved my right leg with the Gillette Venus Embrace blade the razor came with and used the Venus & Olay Razor on my left leg. I have to be honest. I thought to myself, "Nothing is going to compare to my handy, trusty, SensorExcel", but you know what, it totally blew my mind. Both blades did a really awesome job and did a nice close shave, leaving my legs smooth and silky. Both razors did a fantastic job. If I HAVE to pick ONE winner, I would choose the Venus & Olay Razor only because no shaving cream is needed! (How awesome is that). Another cool thing about the Venus Razor is that any Venus blade refill will fit any Venus handle. No more having to hunt down the exact blade that matches with your exact razor. Heaven!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster in exchange for me trying them out.

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