Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coffee, My Hair and Other Things....

Monday, was an especially weird day for me. The day just felt "off" to me.  It didn't feel like the weekend, yet it didn't quite feel like a work day. My hubby had the day off, so I ended up going in to work a little later than normal.  After about an hour of being there, going through my emails, I see that I have a reminder email confirming my hair appointment for that day in 1 HOUR (Of course, this email had been there for the past 2 days, but I hadn't bothered to open it since I "knew" when the appointment was)!!!! In my mind, I completely thought that the appointment was 2 days later. The email asked to call and confirm that I was coming, since I hadn't, I thought to myself before I rush out in complete craziness, maybe I should call? Maybe they cancelled my appointment since I never called to confirm...but no, they had me in the books. So I rush out in a panic, (I HATE being late for ANYTHING) and quickly get to the place.  As it turns out, I got lucky with parking and had an extra 30 minutes to spare. My favorite coffee shop in the whole wide world is 3 stores down, so I jumped in  there really quickly.  Because it was a hot day and because I LOVE chocolate...especially THEIR chocolate, I ordered an ICED mocha. Emphasis on the iced. Why you ask? Because I can count, more time than I'd like, the number of times I asked for ICED mocha at various coffee shops and ended up getting a hot once instead (and I never say anything b/c I just feel too bad to do so).  So. After I finished paying, I confirmed, again, ICED...and the girl at the register looks and what she put in the register and says 'no...' just as they are calling my name with my coffee...I look and it's not iced. :( The girl tells the guy that I want iced and he happily made me a new one right away AND had me keep the hot one too. I end up happily leaving the store with a coffee in each hand :)

Mochas are my "thing". Any time I go to a coffee place or restaurant, I ALWAYS ask for a mocha. And I can confidently say that, in my honest opinion, the Hot Chocolate Abuela is the BEST chocolate mocha I've had.   I pretty much need my mocha fix....every day...sometimes twice a day.

I am, hands down, a chocoholic. I absolutely love chocolate and cannot live without it!

To make things even better -- I'd been having issues with finding someone to do my color the right way. I've been blonde for a number of years, but my hair dresser, who I had been going to for years, moved away. So the next time I needed to go,I went to a lady that I had gone to wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when. She, however, turned my roots orange...ORANGE. Very upsetting.

I waited til it was time to fix my hair again and found another gal (who is located WAY closer to me than the girl who turned my hair orange) and did a great job.  Monday was now my 2nd time back to her. She asked how it turned out the 1st time and I told her it was good, but I would like it more blonde...and she TOTALLY delivered. I am super ecstatic about my hair now (something that I haven't been in about 8 months).

Isn't the color oh so pretty? I also added in some light pastel violet streaks in there. Something I had never done before. It came out pretty light. Almost looks pink. Probably can't even tell in the picture ..but I like it...and I think next go around I'm going to make it darker and more of them. Crazy? Maybe? But I've got 2 months to decide. 


  1. Hi, I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm ( visiting from the Mommy Brain Mixer.

    A chocoholic, huh? Girl after my own heart. And you got two for the price of one! What could be better than that???

    Anyway, it’s nice to "meet" you. I hope you can pop over to my blog and say hi sometime if you get the chance.

  2. I've had way too much coffee this morning--but, a mocha sure does sound great anyway! Have a great weekend--I'm following from the Mommy Brain Mixer.
    Angela @